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MultipliGlobal Podcast Episode 6

In this episode, we welcome Peter Ostapko, commercial banker and publisher of Kinsmen Journal, an annual men’s magazine that invites men to lead lives of transformative faith, redemptive fatherhood, and honoring work. Peter shares his thoughts on reclaiming the hearts of men in the church. In areas for men that the church may have gone stale, he provides a fresh perspective. He opens up about his calling from Christ, which guided him to create Kinsmen Journal through his family and career. Join us as we uncover Peter’s inspiring journey of faith, multiplication, and the impact of the Kinsmen Journal in empowering men to live purposeful lives. Get ready to multiply your understanding of transformative faith and redemptive fatherhood in this insightful conversation.

In This Episode:

About Kinsmen Journal

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Becoming a King by Morgan Snyder


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