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Welcome to the Multipliers Leadership Module.

A Course Designed to Multiply Your Kingdom Impact


We’re really glad you chose to take the next step in your journey as a Kingdom leader. Your leadership journey will be opposed by your flesh, by the world and by Satan. However, as we jump in, let me reassure you: Because of His strength flowing through your veins, you’ve got this. “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in this world.” Through the process, don’t lose sight of who and what Jesus says you are.

“I was encouraged and inspired by the Leadership Module. I walked away with practical steps that I will implement as I continue to grow in my leadership as a Christ Follower.”


“Multipli’s Leadership Module is jam packed with valuable leadership concept that left me equipped and inspire to lead well!”


To see the world transformed with the gospel is our highest calling.

With a third of the world with no access to the gospel, and followers of Jesus becoming more and more disconnected we saw an opportunity. MULTIPli Global connects leaders to relationships and resources that multiply the great commandment and the great commission across the globe. We accomplish this through hosting leadership cohorts, conferences as well as planting new churches and companies around the world