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Global Leaders Multiplying The Gospel

With one-third of the world having no access to the gospel, we need to connect leaders to relationships and resources in order to multiply the great commandment and the great commission. Join us.



Our generation is in desperate need of leaders with a compass. In the midst of global uncertainty, we need time-tested truth to navigate our future. Without the clarity of a compass, discouragement is certain, and fear is inevitable. However, the courage to live as an uncommon leader comes from clarity. Download the FREE pdf of Compass: A proven tool for Uncommon Leaders.

  • Overcome fear with a more clear picture of your true identity.
  • Discover a proven framework for uncommon leadership.
  • Become a multiplier of hope for those you love the most.

Download the FREE pdf of Compass: A proven tool for Uncommon Leaders.

When people like you invest with purpose nations are impacted.

It's your time to make an impact on the nations.



A multiplier is someone who is formed into the image of Christ for the sake of neighbors and nations. Through The Cohort, the rhythms and relationships you establish over twelve weeks will impact your future and those whom you love the most.

Your capacity as a leader and follower of Jesus is directly impacted by your connections to God and others. We also recognize that your health as a leader is often determined by your habits.

This is why The Cohort helps you build relationships and rhythms that strengthen your faith and develop you as a leader. Each cohort meets once a week for 12 weeks, typically virtually, Apply now and change the trajectory of your life.

What happens when neighbors and nations connect through the power of the Holy Spirit and invest their resource with purpose? In one word……MULTIPLICATION. Still, more than ⅓ of the world’s population has no access to the gospel; those God created to do great things are disconnected from their dreams. This is where we see an opportunity. Using four primary strategies, MULTIPLi connects uncommon leaders to relationships and resources that multiplies the great commission and restores hope to dreamers among the nations. 


The Cohort –  a place for leaders to connect and grow. 

Planting Churches – We partner with leaders to launch discipleship platforms.  

Executive Coaching – We help leaders steward their influence.  

Startup Companies – We help entrepreneurial leaders start/scale business platforms.