Jorge Rodriguez

Lima, Peru

Jorge Rodriguez - Lima Peru

The conference was very revealing for me, securing my conviction and knowledge of my new identity in Christ which can't change - a son can't stop being a son, even if there are consequences for bad decisions. The point that filled me with joy was that I was not the only one that understood this. Furthermore, it also affirmed my understanding and my heart, that after Adam and the fall, we were in a position with Christ in which were were raised to a higher level than Adam to that of Christ, the perfect Adam!

Stephen Katumo

City Church Nairobi Youth
Nairobi, Kenya

Stephen Katumo - Nairobi, Kenya

City Church Nairobi has been a family where we, the youth, have always been made to feel loved. We have had the opportunity to connect, grow and serve in the church. This has enabled us bond and develop strong leadership skills. Good cohesion between us and our pastors has really helped us to grow spiritually. The focus that CCN has on family and leadership has helped us grow. We are very grateful. City Church is our home. Thank you.

Nia Gregory and Ron Watkins

The Prayer Night
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Nia Gregory and Ron Watkins - Fayetteville, AR

The Prayer Night at Pratt Place Barn was an unforgettable experience. It was a unique form of corporate prayer where people of different backgrounds, ages, nationalities and churches came together to pray for each nation. That's what we loved the most about that night, the diversity of people unifying together to glorify Jesus Christ through worship. There was no division, everyone was speaking life and love and healing over every nation. Psalms 86:9 says ``All the nations you made will come and bow before you, Lord; they will praise your holy name.`` This is the heart of Christ, nations coming together to praise Him. We look forward to the next prayer night because the vision is set on chasing the heart of God.

Ronald and Nancy Santillan

Peru Marriage Conference
Lima, Peru

Ronald and Nancy Santillan - Lima, Peru

What a wonderful weekend we had at the MULTIPLi marriage conference. Not only were we able to connect with like-minded couples from around our city, but we were able to learn about specific ways to strengthen our marriage and help it grow. Thank you, MULTIPLi, for making this conference possible for us!It was such a blessing to be poured into and let God minister to our hearts. We left that weekend feeling empowered and refreshed!

Mercy Frank

City Church Nairobi
Nairobi, Kenya

Mercy Frank - Nairobi, Kenya

The birth of City Church Nairobi to me is a miracle. The focus on the family is a big blessing to us. There is powerful teaching of God’s Word and a well-structured Children’s ministry that is unparalleled. My husband and I always look forward to Sundays and our children are so excited about going to church!

Wemmic Mutinda

MULTIPLIERS Conference: How To Talk To Your Kids About God
Nairobi, Kenya

Wemmic Mutinda - Nairobi, Kenya

We had a training from MULTIPLi Global, as parents, around how to talk to our kids about God and this has delivered great benefits to us, especially me and my wife, in terms of how we talk to our kids about the Word of God. And we are happy with the results we are seeing currently, and we hope that this will continue and our kids will come out to be great men of God.

Armando Lopez

LUZ: Night of Prayer and Praise
Lima, Peru

Armando Lopez - Lima, Peru

One of the greatest opportunities I’ve had is being able to be a part of LUZ. To be able to see sister churches praying together is a dream come true. I always dreamed that the church would unite in prayer and worship, and that’s what LUZ is: a united church. I truly feel blessed and I hope that other churches will be able to join.

Pedro Antonio

Lima, Peru

Pedro Antonio - Lima, Peru

My name is Pedro Antonio, pastor of Sin Fronteras Church in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho in Lima, Peru. The MULTIPLIERS conference in August called, ``The Power of Clarity,`` has helped me a lot! It has provided the right resources for me to be able to form a team and work with them. I am so happy I was able to participate in the MULTIPLIERS Conference and I am so looking forward to attending future MULTIPLi Global events.

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