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The video above is the last few moments of a message I recently delivered at Life Church Olathe, KS. The basic outline and idea can be found below.

The chaos of our enemy cannot prevail against the counsel of our God. Since the scripture states that the “word of the Lord stands forever” eventually the chaos will lose. That’s really good news if you’re anything like me and chaos behaves like weeds in a garden, forever springing up when I leave any part of my life unattended or uncultivated. The bias is towards the weeds, ALWAYS.

In Proverbs 20:18 the Holy Spirit is attempting to teach us how to see our plans established. God wants our plans established more than we do because plans are dangerous to Satan’s kingdom of hopelessness. Plans announce to the watching culture the there is reason and purpose within the  Earth. When we make plans, we are making a bold pronouncement of HOPE.

“Plans are established through counsel; by wise guidance wage war.” The truth is that not all plans are created equal. In other words, our plans need power. We left to ourselves do not naturally trend towards triumph or default towards destiny. Without God’s counsel we default towards chaos.

However, if you’re going to make plans; you must also be prepared to make war! Establishing God-given plans takes effort. Mark Driscoll says in his great book “Real Marriage” “Life is so complex, dangerous and stressful that the Bible often likens it to a war with the world around us; and the flesh within us betraying us to the enemy. In light of this battle, we need a wise battle plan compiled by a multitude of counselors.”

Here’s the big idea: The chaos of our enemy CANNOT prevail against the Counsel of our God. So allow me to present you with three simple strategies for making plans and waging war against hopelessness.

1) Paint The Picture – Do the hard work of actually making that budget or making that list of things to do. Don’t settle for vague wishes in your future. The Bible is full of promise after promise that the Lord is waiting for you to take hold of and “paint” them into your life and into the lives of people around you. Generally speaking, people with no plans are people with no hopes. Get a hope and get a plan. God certainly has hopes and plans for you. The biggest challenge will be to write it down and make it measurable. That’s when we are held accountable. What are you looking towards? 

2) Hear The Helper – God never intended us to do life alone. This is why Jesus said, “I am not leaving you as orphans, but will send the Helper.” Guess what the Helper’s job is? TO HELP. If we will open our ears and listen, the Counsel of  God will be revealed. We will hear a voice behind us saying “this is the way, walk in it.” God is faithful. God will never fail. His counsel is unorthodox for sure, but learn to trust the Helper. He will never lead you astray. Who are you listening to? 

3) Walk With Wiser – Show your friends and I’ll show you your future. So true, so deeply, deeply true. Please search high and low until you find a group of people who will walk with you and who are wiser than you. Some of the greatest friends I have are people 20-50 years my superior who are more seasoned than me. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. Primarily because I glean wisdom from them, and I know that each word of advice they give me is a part of God counseling me. Remember, he wants my plans to be established. He created us to win the war. The scripture says: “A companion of fools suffers harm.” Who are you walking with? 

So, let me ask you a question: Got Plans? Then it’s time to get busy establishing those plans through counsel. Although plans bring wars, If God is for you, who can be against you?