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Opportunity Costs shutterstock 335201172Today we continue with part three of the Getting To Know Us blog series. Throughout this series I am giving you a glimpse of our story and also an injection of inspiration for yours.

Nobody likes the scout team. They were the ones who stood in place of the opponent and prepared the “real” players to play on Saturday. It was daunting and at times dangerous to bump heads with guys like Shawn Andrews, who weighed a sleek 380 pounds of pure muscle. After two years of working without promise of promotion on the defensive scout team, Josh had finally been invited to two-a day practices. Walk-ons had to be invited to two a days and only twenty were invited annually. This was a breakthrough. He found out through a phone call placed by his roommate, good friend and also Razorback athlete, Tatum Owenby. His hopes were high and his mind was focused. All he had to do was remain undistracted. That brings us to the day that his strength coach, Don Decker, walked up to him during a Tuesday afternoon practice and asked him a very strange question. “Do you have a girlfriend?” he said. Talk about distraction. His response was simple and clear, “no thanks, I don’t need one of those in my life right now.” He said it with a hint of sarcasm and referred to “one of those” as if it were an extra homework assignment.  After some convincing, Josh agreed to set aside a Sunday morning to meet the girl from La Paz, Bolivia.

Divine opportunities are funny; they seem to come at moments when you least expect them, at times when you least need them and from people least likely to bring them. This one was being brought from a strength coach that Josh thought barely knew he existed. Coach Decker invited Josh to his Sunday school classroom at Trinity Fellowship church on Rolling Hills Drive. As I stated in my first post, each game comes down to five plays and each life comes down to five moments. For two young college students, a divine moment was about to transpire.

On September 17th, 2000 Josh and Casandra’s paths finally crossed, and a story was born. Divine opportunity is worth stepping into, when the time comes. However, just like a play that turns into a game winning touchdown, you never know when it will occur. You never know when a block will come your way and you will be freed to score a touchdown. Lesson: Divine Opportunities Will Come. Be Prepared. To be continued…