Are you ready to be STRETCHED? Then it’s time to search out a mentor. During my freshman year of college a powerful mentor came into my life named Ron Harris.  It was at the beginning of my junior summer that Ron offered me some timely advice in the form of a question. I was a walk-on athlete who had seemed to found a permanent starting position on the scout team.

Today we continue with part three of the Getting To Know Us blog series. Throughout this series I am giving you a glimpse of our story and also an injection of inspiration for yours. Nobody likes the scout team. They were the ones who stood in place of the opponent and prepared the “real” players to play on Saturday. It was daunting and at times dangerous to bump heads with

Today’s post will continue in the short series I’m calling Getting To Know Us. In each of these it is my hope to give you a glimpse into a chapter of our families story and at the same time offer you a nugget of inspiration for your journey as well. After a long summer working at Alber irrigation digging ditches, (quite literally) Josh was ready to try something new; anything

My college football coach at the University of Arkansas used to say: “men, every game comes down to about five plays, and those five plays determine the outcome of a game; the problem is you never know which five it’s going to be.”  This is true with our story as a couple and a family as well. About five moments define where we are and where we’re going. Throughout the upcoming

One of the greatest treasures you will ever find is a knowledge of your personal strengths and gifting.  However, let me warn you: finding out about YOU takes digging and lots of guts. It’s not easy to write down, process and verbalize the things we are good at. We are much better at processing our failures and our weaknesses. It’s natural.     In this section, I am asking that

A recent Gallup study revealed that engagement in the workplace is extremely low. In fact, of the people studied, only 19% would be considered in “drive,” or fully active and engaged in the mission of the organization. 52% were considered in “neutral,” or indifferent about the mission of their organization. Finally, a staggering 29% were considered in “reverse,” or actively working in opposition to the mission of their organization.  

What a wonderful question! The saying goes: “you never have to recover from a great start.”  Ask any Olympic sprinter and they will tell you that starts are important. So, where is the ideal place to take the first step in our journey towards multiplication?     The better question is: What is so valuable that you want to multiply? Dr. Tim Elmore in his book Generation iY has outlined