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One of the greatest treasures you will ever find is a knowledge of your personal strengths and gifting.  However, let me warn you: finding out about YOU takes digging and lots of guts. It’s not easy to write down, process and verbalize the things we are good at. We are much better at processing our failures and our weaknesses. It’s natural.


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In this section, I am asking that you get supernatural. Ask yourself these six questions with an unbiased perspective. You are as unique as your thumbprint, and your strengths and gifting are as unique to the world as you are. You will never be somebody else. You will never have someone else’s gifting. The tragedy is that if you do not display courage, you may never be “YOU” either. The real you.


There is no difference between an unwrapped gift and no gift. They are both useless. I want to encourage you to discover your gifts and strengths. Explore your unique personality and triggers, and get to know the real you. Get to know the virtuous you.


1) What is my personality type?  
Laurie Beth Jones has created a survey called the Personality Elements Profile. In her book, The Four Elements of Success, she explains that people tend to be predominately one of four elements:  Earth, Fire, Wind or Water. Without getting too far into the analysis, it’s easy to see that each element has strengths and challenges. Just like us. You are bigger than your personality type, but it is a great idea to understand your hardwiring and what makes you tick. Take some time to go to, and take the assessment (or decide informally which element you think most describes you). Ask a few friends to give you feedback. It will take a little time, but it’s totally worth the journey.


2) What do I love? 
This question is all about what you enjoy doing. Describe what makes you come alive. What wakes you up in the morning.


3) What do I hate? 
This question is all about what you dislike doing. Describe what drains you, and even what makes you angry. All these things are helpful in knowing your God-given hardwiring and design. Don’t forget that you were designed for an exponential destiny.


4) Who is my hero? Why? 
One of my great heroes in life is Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I love his courage and his zeal for the authentic Christian faith. He was a man who learned how to hold the Truth in tension. He is one of my heroes, because I want to be a man who lives faithfully (my first core value) unto Jesus, no matter the cost.


5) What do other people say I’m good at? 
Sometimes it’s difficult to have an unbiased perspective of our strengths. From singing to speaking to sewing. When we take an inventory of our strengths, we need to include input from others. It will help us get a handle on who we are and what we are purposed for in this life.


6) What have I done in the past that has gotten results? 
Another way to determine your gifting and strengths is to look at past results.