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I love thinking. But many times, I’m challenged by God’s presence to “think again.” Why is thinking so important to God?

Almost everything that finds its way into our life is first wrapped up in our thoughts. Thinking is the most powerful activity that we do as humans. As our mind goes, so goes our life, eventually. The scripture is clear that “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” As my wife and I attempt to plant our first church in Lima, Peru we are challenged often to keep the focus of our thoughts on God’s opinion of our work and not on man’s opinion or even our own opinion. Because of the challenges we have faced, I am so thankful for the Spirit’s ministry of reminding me of the things Jesus has spoken. (John 14:26 & 16:12) We have learned that thinking again is a key that unlocks correct thinking and victorious living.

What if our thoughts and words were like seeds that we were planting into our future? I believe they are!  You become what you think about consistently. But thinking correctly, consistently is difficult to say the least. Let’s look at three reasons why we need to think again and hopefully find fresh motivation to renew our minds according to God’s word.

Reason #1: Your first thoughts are not usually your best or even your real thoughts. Many times what comes to us “naturally” or  easily is not necessarily what’s best or even what’s ours. We have been externally conditioned by marketing and experiences that may or may not be thoughts that are authentically ours. Your first thoughts will betray you. Beware and Think again.

Reason #2: For you to walk in destiny, your thoughts must align with God’s thoughts. I want to give you permission to keep thinking again until your thoughts about your identity and your destiny align with God’s thoughts. His opinion is what matters! Until that’s the case, keep thinking. Until you have taken every thought captive and made it obedient to the word of Christ, think again and again. Thoughts are powerful, but as I’ve stated above, some thoughts must be rejected and replaced by true thoughts. (Phil 4:8)

Reason #3: Thoughts are like clouds that can change shape quickly. Many times in our lives, we can have a good godly thought and before we know it a few days have passed and our thought has changed shape or may have disappeared altogether. Thoughts escape us if they are not solidified into actions. When you do have a godly thought, it’s time to put it into action. Thoughts have no power without action. When you think again consistently, over a period of time, the law of thoughts and actions says that you will not be able to stop that thought from becoming an action. When you know you’ve had a God thought. When you are convinced that the thought you are thinking is from the Pure Spirit of God, it’s time to take an action step. Then a thought takes root and begins the process of becoming something beautiful.

Thinking is so important to our future and therefore to our Father. Think about what you’re thinking about, and above all else, Think again.