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This is part two of why I wrote my new book called ROOTED: Reach Deep. Burn Bright. Stand Strong. I am excited that the release is only a few days away. Once released it will be available in hard copy, but also through all the major e-book distributors such as Amazon, B & N, etc. Today let’s look at the second reason behind the book.

2. We tend to default towards shallow faith. 

Without a doubt, as my Pastor Steve Dixon says, “The Biased is towards the weeds.” If we do not continually cultivate the gardens of our hearts, we will find ourselves with a shallow ineffective faith. Shallow faith and shallow trees have the same common destiny; being uprooted by winds and storms. Jesus sermon was designed to awaken our hearts to dig deep again. It’s not that we can work salvation into our lives. However, we must not forget that what God works in, it is our job to work out. As we give our hearts and hands to the habits laid bare through the Sermon, we discover true depth and an uncommon ability to endure. One outcome of this depth is the ability to live un-worried lives that instead have the capacity to worship. Rick Warren says Worship and worry are opposites. Worshipers can rest in the strength of Christ. They are rooted and anchored in a life stronger than their own. Do you worship His strength or worry about your weakness?

Reach Deep. Burn Bright. Stand Strong.