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Today’s post will continue in the short series I’m calling Getting To Know Us. In each of these it is my hope to give you a glimpse into a chapter of our families story and at the same time offer you a nugget of inspiration for your journey as well.

After a long summer working at Alber irrigation digging ditches, (quite literally) Josh was ready to try something new; anything new. He had recently begun attending a bible study at a young minister’s house named Barry Morton. It was a college demographic focused study and God was working deeply on the heart of this broken young man. Josh was preparing to return to Fayetteville in a few short weeks with no vision and no purpose. It was then that destiny struck. Josh remembers one hot day out on the work site hearing a still small voice speaking to him: “YOU WERE CREATED FOR MORE.” It’s not hard to hear this voice in the desert of ditch digging. Nevertheless, the voice was as real as his own, and he began to hunger and thirst for God’s purpose. Humility and Hunger are typically the attitudes that precede a fresh experience of God’s grace.

Late one evening, he sat on the bed with his parents and discussed his dreams or lack thereof. This meeting would shift the trajectory of everything.diggingditches With their encouragement, as a former high school athlete, he decided to attempt the impossible journey to walk on to the University of Arkansas football team. It was a long shot, but he thought to himself; “Why not? What do I have to lose?” It was early fall 1998 that he made the decision that changed everything. God was working masterfully behind the scenes and Josh was being invited into a story that he would have never written. To Be Continued… Lesson: You Were Created For More.