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My college football coach at the University of Arkansas used to say: “men, every game comes down to about five plays, and those five plays determine the outcome of a game; the problem is you never know which five it’s going to be.”  This is true with our story as a couple and a family as well. About five moments define where we are and where we’re going. Throughout the upcoming several posts I thought it would be good to give you a snapshot of our family story and at the same time offer you some inspiration for your journey.

Our story began with a failed pickup for an incoming international student from Bolivia at the University of Arkansas. We learned that failures can actually turn into great successes. Casandra arrived at the Fayetteville Executive airport in fall of 1996, and found herself all alone. She spotted a young man wearing a Razorback hat and asked for a ride to the campus. After relaying the bad news that campus dorms were still closed, being a Chi Alpha intern, he offered to take her to Ronnie Hoover’s house. He was the Chi Alpha director at the UA. It was through her relationship with Ronnie that she learned that God was also a loving Father. Within four years, she would be speaking at the World SALT conference in Los Angeles sharing her testimony in front of 52 nations and 3,000 students.  Within that same time frame, she would be introduced to a young athlete named Josh.  To be continued… Lesson: Failure Is Not Fatal.