Josh & Casandra Foliart are the founders of MULTIPLi. Along with their two children, Lucas and Sofia, they moved to Peru in January 2013 to plant a first fruits of churches in Lima called La Ciudad. Josh is the former Associate Pastor of Christian Life Cathedral in Fayetteville, AR and author of Rooted a book about reaching deep, burning bright and standing strong.

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ROBBYE FIELDEN de RAMIREZ | Director of Operations

Robbye began her ministry in Lima, Peru, in 2011. She took a round-about way into the mission world by way of being a public school teacher and working in the business world. She was drawn to working with MULTIPLi Global after meeting the founders at La Ciudad Church in Lima. She and her husband, Leo, live with their son in Arkansas.

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MUTINDA & JENNIFER MUSYIMI | Pastors of City Church Nairobi

Mutinda & Jennifer have served God together as husband & wife since the mid-nineties. They are blessed with three sons. They served with a number of churches and organizations, but all along God had been speaking to them to stand planting churches in the cities of Kenya and beyond. This calling was actualized with the birth of City Church Nairobi in March 2017. Their desire is to plant many more churches in the major cities & towns in Kenya and in other African countries.

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DENNIS & CHARMIAN AREVALO | Pastoral Leaders of Centro de Fuego Church and MULTIPLi Regional Leadership Coach

Dennis and Charmian lead Centro de Fuego Church in Lima, Peru, and mentor leaders and emerging leaders in Peru.

JARED SLUYTER | Director of The Prayer Night

Jared Sluyter directs The Prayer Night in NW Arkansas.

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