The X Cohort - Multiplying Impact

April 5-May 31st


Connection Multiplies Capacity

“Everything we want in life we will have to fight for, but we were never meant to fight alone.”

The X cohort is a unique experience for like-minded leaders who feel called to multiply their impact. Men like us sense the urgency of our time and want to become an instrument for God to use in this season. People like us want to keep in step with the Spirit of God and mark a path for future generations to walk. The April/May cohort is facilitated Joseph Elder and Garrett Peters, MULTIPLi global partners.

The X Cohort opportunity is for those want to know what could be possible with more courage and less fear; more capacity and less distraction. We believe that our connection determines our capacity. The cohort is not about trying harder or doing more; it’s about becoming more. According to Jesus, it’s not a problem with the seed but the soil that prevents multiplication. (See Mark 4). Through the X cohort process, we will cultivate the soil of our hearts and therefore increase the ripple effect of our lives. People like us take seriously the mandate to multiply. Those who will thrive in this cohort are asking two questions:

1) How can I increase my capacity in ways that matter?

2) Where are the others like me?



While this cohort will add significant value to your journey, it also helps the MULTIPLi team fulfill our mission of championing uncommon leaders around the world who multiply the Gospel. One-third of the world's population (2.9 billion) has been denied access to the joy and hope we find in our relationship with Jesus. Therefore, our goal is to recruit and resource 100 global leaders in the coming decade. As a cohort member, You are invited into the story. We would be honored if you would consider investing $100/month to help us bring hope to the hopeless and joy to the hurting. If you are already a MULTIPLi partner, we want to thank you for being part of our family. May His Kingdom continue to grow through this Cohort!